Few of my friends bought the bread maker machine and ventured into the bread baking which motivated me.

I’ve baked a bread and few buns for first trial last 2 weeks. Hand knead from the beginning. As the result, the bread turned out very nice.

I’ve told myself I need to bake more to keep myself motivated.

Happy Baking!!



Catch up with friends

I’ve been away from my blog for so long. I’m feeling guilty for abandon it for so long. Guess it’s not easy to be a good blogger. Well, today I’m here to blog after so many months of silences. Hope my reader still with me.

Last Saturday went out to meet up some friends, one of them is leaving Malaysia soon. It’s was a nice chatting session after the last meet up. I do hope we often meet up but I know it’s impossible since we all have our own family already.


After the meet up, hubby get me mochis from Mochi Sweets. It was my first time trying these mochi. According to the leaflet it’s imported from Japan. However the mochi are really nice. Not too sweet and light. I love them.